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If you are able, there are many causes that need funds.

- Donate to Help Missing/Murdered Indigenous Women

"there has been 5,712 known cases of missing and murdered indigenous women due to lack of communication between state, local, and tribal law enforcement it’s hard to pinpoint the actual number of the people this has affected or even begin an investigative process their women are murdered are a rate 10x higher than any other ethnicity due to this the numbers speak for themselves all the proceeds of this campaign will go to niwrc which is a national indigenous women’s research center who’s mission is to end violence against Native women and restore sovereignty for tribes to hold perpetrators accountable."

- Help Strengthen and Rebuild the Midway Community

"The Neighbors United Funding Collaborative is helping the Midway + Union Park small business and nonprofit community rebuild their storefronts during this time of need. Hundreds of businesses have been devastated and need our support! Your donation will help rebuild our community in the months ahead."

- Black Visions Donations

- Reclaim the Block

"Support our work to make sure Minneapolis funds real investments in community safety!"


"Your financial support enables us to build a stronger and more robust radical healthcare collective. Your commitment strengthens radical health care in Minnesota and beyond."